Casey Merkle is a nature-culture-sustainability scholar from the Rhode Island School of Design, writer, educator, and artist. Her research dives into watery landscapes, bridging human perception and our representations of space looking closely with others’ personal experiences. Casey has an MA in Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies from RISD, and a BA in Biology from Lawrence University.

Graphic Design

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Spring 2021

Materials: watercolor, pigment, water, salt, graphite, paper
Word that are a part of my process:

aqua, aquamarine, algae, alive, asking, blue, beckon, break, breath, blot, bleed, brush, coursing, contain, capitalism, critique, class, chaos, calm, colonialism, construct, center, creature, drying, death, decolonize, dip, drip, dilute, darken, dropper, educational, ease, erase, enter, earth, find, flip, fresh, fish, framework, grapple, gap, gesture, gel, hold, heart, ink, joy, juxtapose, kinship, keep, key, love, look, layer, leaf, line, list, map, marking, making, marble, mash, melt, notice, neat, nature, note, open, offer, observe, ponder, press, pigment, projection, question, quick, running, rip, river, reduce, soak, seep, salt, subterannean, small, teal, teach, under, vector, water, wonder, youth